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You will become a walking, talking billboard for our studio, so I want you to feel pampered by providing you the utmost service and styling.


Your face shape and bone structure will be taken into account to create a customized and unique hair style for you. Measurements are recorded at specific locations on your scalp, i.e., bangs, top, crown, occipital, temples, sides, and nape. If your hair were to be cut 5″, 6″ or 7″ on top, out of those three lengths, you would prefer one length over the other two lengths… hence, I record that measurement. By allowing me to cut your hair according to its growth pattern, not only will it be easier for you to style, you will begin to receive compliments. We both need to surrender to what it is your hair wants to do.

We can focus on consistency or… I can use the notes from your previous visit as a point of reference in creating something new. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I encourage you to bring one or two.


Haircuts start at $60.00 (Includes shampooing, conditioning, blow-dry, and flat-iron if needed)
Shampooing, conditioning, blow-dry, and flat-iron (no haircut) – $40